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Press release from Stall Bengtsson & Kristoffersen

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rolf boAs announced earlier this year, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and Bo Kristoffersen – who have been running Stall Bengtsson & Kristoffersen in Breitenburg, Germany together since 2003 – have been parting ways.

From the end of August, Rolf started his own business: Stall Bengtsson GmbH. The biggest difference for Rolf is that he moved his operations to his wife Evi Bengtsson’s stable in Itzehoe, apart from that his competition career continues as before and he will also keep on training his students. Rolf and Evi will also always have some horses for sale.

Bo Kristoffersen has started the company Kristoffersen Equestrian and will in the future have collaboration with Christian and Andreas Schou’s Absolute Horses. The collaboration will focus on everything that has to do with students and horses.

After almost 15 successful years together in Breitenburg, Bo and Rolf are looking forward to the future and support each other fully. Throughout the years there have been many people and partners involved in creating Stall Bengtsson & Kristoffersen’s success. La Silla, Stutteri Ask and the Holsteiner Verband have all played an important role – and both Bo and Rolf remain thankful for their continued support and all the effort that has been put in from all the various horse owners and other supporters over the years. Rolf will remain in his successful partnership with the Holsteiner Verband.

Special thanks go to Helle Kristoffersen, who has been a big part of the team from the start to the end – taking care of all the administration and organization.

There have been many highlights in this partnership, but the most memorable are probably the various championships – winning the team silver at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens riding Mac Kinley, winning the individual silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing riding Ninja La Silla and being crowned the European Champion in Madrid in 2011 – again with Ninja La Silla. Casall Ask and his unbelievable career has been a chapter of its own; participating with him at the London 2012 Olympic Games, placing third with the team at the European Championships in Herning in 2013 and being fourth individual, placing fourth in the World Equestrian Games in Caen in 2014 and his consistent success in the Longines Global Champions Tour where he was crowned the Champion of Champions in 2016. Casall Ask had a true fairy tale ending to his career when winning his last Grand Prix in Hamburg in May 2017. Those are all moments that have made this journey together incredible. Casall Ask goes into the history books as one of the most winning horses in the world, having won as much as 4 million Euros during his career.

During the year’s together Rolf was no. one on the World Ranking List for almost a year, and stayed within the top 10 for most of their cooperation.

All of this would not have been possible without a vast net of supporters, the most important of them surely being the loyal staff at home in Breitenburg. A special thanks to Celia Rijntjes that has been Rolf’s show groom during all those years. But a huge thank you to all of you that have been involved!

We will also thank family Breido Graf zu Rantzau for a great cooperation with the stable in Breitenburg during all these year’s and we hope you will find the perfect partner to rent the stables after us.

As an era now comes to an end, Stall Bengtsson & Kristoffersen would like to thank everyone who shared this journey with them.


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